Calculate the Future Value of a Lump Sum

Given the term, interest rate, and compounding interval.

Lump sum:Lump sum:Lump sum:Lump sum:

Lump sum:

Enter the dollar amount of the lump sum of money you wish to calculate future value for, without the dollar sign and commas.

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# of Number ofNumber of

Number of months/years:

Select either Months or Years and enter the corresponding number of periods.

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Rate:Interest rate:Compounding interest rate:Compounding interest rate:

Compounding interest rate:

Enter the compounding interest rate to be used for the future value calculations. Please enter as a percentage but without the percent sign (for .06 or 6%, enter 6).

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Compound:Compound:Compounding frequency:Frequency of interest compounding:

Frequency of interest compounding:

Select the compounding frequency to use in the future value calculations.

Calculate Future ValueCalculate Future Value of SumCalculate Future Value of Lump SumCalculate Future Value of Lump Sum
FV:Future Value:Future value of lump sum:Future value of lump sum:

Future value of lump sum:

Based on your entries, this is the future value of the lump sum you entered. Note that the lump sum is also the present or discounted value of this future amount.

Interest:Interest:Compound interest earned:Compound interest earned on lump sum:

Compound interest earned on lump sum:

Based on your entries, this is how much compound interest you will earn on the lump sum for the specified number of months or years.