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Based on distance and average speed.

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Trip distance (number of miles):

Enter the number of miles you plan on driving. Note that you can also enter the distance in kilometers so long as you also enter the average speed in kilometers per hour. In that case simply ignore the references to miles and MPH.

Avg MPH:Average MPH:Average speed in MPH:Average speed in miles per hour:

Average speed (MPH or Miles Per Hour):

Enter the average speed you plan to drive in miles per hour. Be sure to take into account any stops that may serve to decrease your average speed. Note that if you entered the trip distance in kilometers be sure to enter the speed in kilometers per hour.

Departure date and time:

Departure date and time:

If you want to have the drive time calculator calculate your estimated date and time of arrival, select your departure date and time.

Calculate Drive Time
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Drive time:

Based on your entries, this is the number of hours and minutes (hours:minutes) it will take you to reach your destination.